greyham (greyham) wrote,

Sweaty Graham bastard . . .

Done lots of moving out stuff in the last few days. Absolutely knacked, but glad everything is done now.

Kaje - you owe Jim and I a pint each for setting up your bed in about 45 degree heat in your bedroom. We were fucking shattered after all that, and we had to wlk all the way to Pikeyland (New Malden) to get them. They are nice beds though. I have put some of my friends stuff in your room for the meanwhile if that is alright. I will put a lock on your door for safekeeping and I will give you the key when I come over on Wednesday. Jim and I plan to go over with you in September all at the same time so we can carry loads of stuf and get taxis etc . . Remember that your only allowed to carry 25kg on the plane and 5kg hand luggage. I have already booked my ticket over on the 7th of September departing at 14:50. but could be changed whatever . . Chien-nin has moved in basically, I think her an Jim are shagging . . doh!!! Jim and I havent got you any furniture, you'll have to get things when you come over, you can only really fit a chest of drawers in there anyway . .

Cheryl - Can your Dad be my Dad? You is so lucky man. Have the party this week on Sat so I can be there and mes things up for everyone. I bet you lot have all become complacent fools in my absense . . .

Lyndz - Bad luck about going to Scotland. I think you'll prolly be going to Aberdeen . . brrrr!! cos I don't think you'll be able to afford Edinborough. Just pray to the gods that you don't have to go to Glasgow . .pray man . PRAY!! Please be in on Wednesday when I call and try not to "forget" . . love you x x x x.
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