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greyham's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2003-10-16 14:51

Things is gonna get messy now . . .

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Date:2003-10-07 20:18


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Date:2003-10-03 12:10


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Date:2003-10-03 12:09

Liam and Sean = Ungrateful freeloaders

When you come, Lyndz, you'd better to washing up and stuff and clean up cos Jim'll go mad. My impression of Jim = Perfect.

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Date:2003-10-02 14:39

. .Who would of though it . .me and Sam . .

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Date:2003-09-22 15:56

I miss my girl . . .


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Date:2003-09-19 13:32


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Date:2003-09-18 16:59
Subject:my favouritest attributes . . .

10. Hair
9. Bottom
8. Skin quality
7. Teeth
6. Stomache
5. Mouth
4. Legs
3. Grace (posture)
2. Breasts
1. Eyes

. . and who has the bestest . .

10. Hair : Cheryl Meerveld (when washed)
9. Bottom : Jo Knight
8. Skin Quality : Laura Gilmour
7. Teeth : Lucy Kirby
6. Stomache : Caroline Nicholls
5. Mouth : Becky Starr
4. Legs : no one really . . !!
3. Grace : Roxane Sexton
2. Breasts : Jo du Feu
1. Eyes : Lyndz (just about . . !!)

and worst . .

10. Hair : Lucy Kirby
9. Bottom : Sian Cariou
8. Skin Quality : Horsey Helen
7. Teeth : no one . .
6. Stomache : Gwen
5. Mouth : Louise Le Prevost
4. Legs : Alice Phillips
3. Grace : Gemma Domaille
2. Breasts : Big Steph
1. Eyes : no one . .

. .there.

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Date:2003-09-18 16:53

We have Super Mario Cart at our house now . . oh dear . . no work getting done. Predictably I am the bestest tho . . .

Going on a pub crawl with Kaje, James and Stu in search of freshers . . you can run myn little sweeeties but soon I will have you in my talons.

. . spookly.

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Date:2003-09-17 18:34

Adi told me he missed me last night . .nyahh!!!!!

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Date:2003-09-17 18:19
Subject:Tally Ho!!

Here we are . . .

20. Lindsey Morgan
19. Caroline Harrison
18. Lyndsey Hellier (nee Browning)
17. Lucy Piriou
16. Jodie Welsh
15. Lucy Rosenthal
14. Carly Collins
13. Amythyst Corvulet
12. Cheryl Meerveld
11. Louise Le Prevost
10. Louisa Bourget
9. Abigail Taylor
8. Kelly Jenkins
7. Jo Poole
6. Rebecca Starr
5. Joanne Du Feu
4. Laura Gilmour
3. Chloe Brown
2. Clair Heath
1. Roxane Sexton

. . there, now you know, you saucy minxes . . .

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Date:2003-08-26 12:12
Subject: . . best laid plans

Vale Earth Fayre . .

Laura Gilmour . . . .

And in the morning too . . . (!)

. .naughty 'Ham . . . .

who would of imagined it . . .

See you at the pardee


x x x x x

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Date:2003-07-16 14:11


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Date:2003-07-11 16:36
Mood:Employed (at last)

I got a job as barman at Moores. I go in at 9, work until 10 then have half hour for Breakfast (cereal, orange juice toast etc . )then I work until 2 and have half hour lunch of hot roast beef baguette and then I work until 4 . . s'not bad eh? Free food. . .free booze . . . Have to work nights though, but not too many I have tuesdday night off and wednesday mornin' and then Saturday night off and the all of Sunday!. . .Sarah saw my willy! Kaje will understand . .

Hope everyone is alright. I am out tonight, but not for biggun cos got work at 9.

I shall have cornflakes and a toasted tuna and mayonnaise sandwich tommorrow . . fit south African girl work there as well . .one of them doesn't stop staring at me, but thats probably because I am repugnant.

I'm off to fantasise about Nush from BB . . ohhh baby . . .

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Date:2003-06-26 18:28
Mood: hopeful

Had Job interview today and will find out job (Head Barman at Oatlands Brasserie) on Sunday Monday . . .

Wish luck and put a penny in my prayer box . . .

Anyone going out on Fri? . . .

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Date:2003-06-25 14:26

Made an ABSOLUTE tit out of myself last night . . but I don't blame myself, really, it had to happen sometime, and nows the best time . . .anger gotta come out of Graham somehow . . .

Kaje, Cheryl, you friend Lyndz is not very well. She is not going to like me saying this, but please phone her, chat to her because she is bad again . . . I think she needs you.

(sorry Lyndz)

Gonna go out with Louise tonite to chat and moan about things together.

Are we going to do anything at the weekend? Have traditional Glasto thing at Cheryls?


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Date:2003-06-18 14:00

I'm comin' back today . . yay!!!

Come out all of you on Friday 4 de big knees up!!!

x x x

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Date:2003-06-17 16:46
Subject:Mind Games . . .as played by T.W.A.T.S

Top ten "Mind Games" as played by "Steve Wickens/ Nic Lempriere/Jon Morris types"

10. Flirt outrageously with girl and then the next day after giving the girl enough time to stew, get off with girls less attractive best friend and pretend to have no idea why girl is upset.The say to each that you really fancy them more than the other. Then make situation where the both confront you. Pretend you don't fancy either of them, then pretend to get really upset and mention to a friend of both these girls that you have "relationship issues" relating to your parent's "divorce". This will make them both fancy you, even though you will always go for the prettiest one.

9. Walk girl home after party, making witty and intelligent conversation with much body contact and then run off unexpectantly, thus making girl worry all night and make girl think you are a bit "crazy" and thus "interesting", even though you are not. Pretend next day not to remember a thing because the alcohol had reacted with your "antidepressants / sedatives". Girl will now fancy you, but you might need to do this again, but this time run ahead of her and end up at her doorstep, pretending to be confused.

8. Make up some story that you saw your dad hit/kick your Mum when you were five years old and that has made you "all fucked up". Then pretend that you don't want to talk about it, all the while milking the girl for sympathy. Then get girl drunk, talk about it, and then go "crazy" (smash up barbeque etc . . etc . ) This always works, but better if you do it repeatedly.

7. Invite girl into room and then leave to make tea/coffee/bovril. Leave fake "suicide" note to parents and friends in obviously promenant place for girl to read. Suddenly burst into bedroom and catch girl reading note. Pretend to go mental and throw girl out. Wait about 2-3 days while girl has full impact of guilt trip, ignore attemps by her to contact you. Explain that you wrote the letter because you when you were "all mess-up" after paretns divorce/death of Gran/schitzophrenic episode. Make girl watch "One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" at her house and then pretend to fall asleep. Go up to girls bedroom at about 3am and pretend again to fall asleep next to her. By 5am she will be yours.

6. Pretend that you have taken some new drug called "amphetriptaphine" and pretend to stare at a wall for about an hour, randomly touching the surface with finger tips whilst worried girls crowd round and make the inevitable fuss, thus deeming you "special", and the centre of attention. Milk it the day after by pretending that you were "in the Matrix/ spoke to Christ/ saw god". Make gullible girls believe you. The go missing for about 3 days, making sure that everyone knows you are missing and is worried about you, even though you are only camping in Herm. then call up girl and ask her to come and pick you up at the faerie circle where you have been "staying in the bunker" for the last few days. Ask girl if you can stay at her house for few days as you do not want to worry your "schitzophrenic mum/dad etc . .etc . .". The girl will be yours by the second day.

5. Try to set up girl with one of your mates, even though you know from her friends that she doesn't fancy him, but quite likes you, but doesn't know you. Try to get mate and girl together, whilst letting it slip to girls best gossip friend that you feel REALLY guilty about fancying girl because your mate fancies her. When girl knows that you are interested, do not talk to her for about 3 days, but keep looking at her furtively. She will be yours when you get her alone with a bottle of low-grade schnapps.

4. Randomly contact girl who you barely know, suggest meet on beach/park at 12.30 on Sunday. Don't turn up, and then turn up at her bedroom window at about 3o'clock in the morning about a week later, wet to the skin, pretending that you want a "talk". Instead of talking sit on her bed, mumbling once in a while, get slightly annoyed at ex-girlfriend, and then pretend to fall asleep on bed. Wake up at 5am, stand at the window and pretend to talk about how "wonderful" the morning is whilst almost naked. She will be yours after this is attempted again.

3. When at beach party with group of friends. Firstly phone parent(s) to tell them that you are sleeping at friends house. then when party gets to about 1am, talk to desired girl about wanting to "talk", go for walk along beach, not saying much and maybe pretend to weep a little. Then run off crying loudly. Girl will instigate search and group of friends will worry unnecessarily until about 4am when someone will call parents who say that son is at friends house. You will be at friends house "asleep" on porch/in bush pretending to have no knowledge at all of events. About 3 girls will now fancy you, take your pick.

2. When going out with girl, go off for walk with girls best friend and pretend to have "big talk". Tell girls best friend a "secret" i.e that you once were touched up by your uncle etc. . etc. Make best friend promise not to tell girlfriend, do stupid "curse" thing or make "blood pact". Girlfriend will then ask what yopu were talking to best friend about. Tell girlfriend that you ahd to tell her best friend a "secret" that you cannot ever tell her (even though you probably have). This will make your girlfriend fancy you more, but also make her best mate and probably 4 other friends fancy you as well.

1. At a party, preferably outdoors, try your hardest to get off with that minger thats always fancied you. When succeeded parade her around with you infront of desired bunch of girls saying that you and her are "going out". Girls will talk about you "going beneath your standards". Then slightly chat up one of the girls saying that you have always wanted her instead of the girl you are with. Then repeat throughout the evening with amount of desired girls. Then, in front of girls dump girlfriend saying that there is another girl here that you are in love with, and that you can't go out with her anymore because you "don't want to hurt her". Dumped girl will then want to discover who mystery girl is. All girls will then say it is them separately. This is a long shot, but with enough practice, it should get about 5-6 girls interested in you.

Alternatively, you could just be a 18 year old college boy who knows just enough Proust and Satre to impress young women who should know better . .


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Date:2003-06-17 15:44

My Corey has got Downs. Oh Dear!

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Date:2003-06-16 13:26
Subject:Sweaty Graham bastard . . .

Done lots of moving out stuff in the last few days. Absolutely knacked, but glad everything is done now.

Kaje - you owe Jim and I a pint each for setting up your bed in about 45 degree heat in your bedroom. We were fucking shattered after all that, and we had to wlk all the way to Pikeyland (New Malden) to get them. They are nice beds though. I have put some of my friends stuff in your room for the meanwhile if that is alright. I will put a lock on your door for safekeeping and I will give you the key when I come over on Wednesday. Jim and I plan to go over with you in September all at the same time so we can carry loads of stuf and get taxis etc . . Remember that your only allowed to carry 25kg on the plane and 5kg hand luggage. I have already booked my ticket over on the 7th of September departing at 14:50. but could be changed whatever . . Chien-nin has moved in basically, I think her an Jim are shagging . . doh!!! Jim and I havent got you any furniture, you'll have to get things when you come over, you can only really fit a chest of drawers in there anyway . .

Cheryl - Can your Dad be my Dad? You is so lucky man. Have the party this week on Sat so I can be there and mes things up for everyone. I bet you lot have all become complacent fools in my absense . . .

Lyndz - Bad luck about going to Scotland. I think you'll prolly be going to Aberdeen . . brrrr!! cos I don't think you'll be able to afford Edinborough. Just pray to the gods that you don't have to go to Glasgow . .pray man . PRAY!! Please be in on Wednesday when I call and try not to "forget" . . love you x x x x.

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